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Windows 10 updates resets firewall rules!

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My work machine finally became eligible for the Windows 10 anniversary update yesterday so I dutifully installed it.

After loosing best part of a hour waiting for it to install, it took more precious time to re-remove all the cruft that I’d removed before and the update saw fit to re-install for you such as Zune Music, OneDrive, Cortana etc. This time however it was harder than before with more options being hidden from the UI and buried in group policy editor and AppxPackage. From what is overall a good OS, the obsession for installing bloatware is really disappointing from Microsoft.

Anyway, last night I needed to do some work so went to login remotely, but had no joy. On return to the office this morning I did some digging and sure enough the update had removed the custom firewall options that had been configured!

So if you’re applying any of the major Windows 10 updates be sure to backup your firewall settings and check it hasn’t changed them before leaving the office!

Written by Dilbert

November 22nd, 2016 at 10:18 am

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