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GeoIP C interface isn’t all thread safe

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It’s documented that GeoIP C interface after v1.3.6 is thread safe, with the exception of GEOIP_CHECK_CACHE, however this is not really the case.

A large number of the C API functions such as: GeoIP_new, GeoIP_open_type, GeoIP_db_avail call the internal _GeoIP_setup_dbfilename function which statically initialises the GeoIPDBFileName global pointer without any locking.

This means that if several threads call any of these methods to gain a geoip handle then its possible to trash the memory structure while its being read and hence result in a crash.

So if your using the GeoIP C interface in a threaded application ensure that you use locking around the use of these methods.

Written by Dilbert

July 4th, 2013 at 2:11 pm

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