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Force failing a disk in RAID set attached to an Areca controller

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Sometimes a disk may be failing and timing out yet still working enough so that the RAID controller doesn’t drop it from the array.

This results in very poor performance from the entire array as the controller waits for timeout’s on the problem disk.

If your using an Areca controller there’s a command that can be used to manually fail such a disk allow it to rebuild onto an available Hotspare without having to have someone onsite to remove the problem disk.

WARNING – Using these commands can damage your array so be very sure before using them!

This can be achieved via the Areca web interface from the Raidset Functions -> Rescue Raidset option. In the text entry field enter the following command:-
FailDisk <disk channel>

The <disk channel> MUST be entered correctly otherwise you could fail the wrong disk for example entering
FailDisk Ch2 will fail disk attached to Channel 4 and not Channel 2.

The correct input is includes the 0 i.e. Ch02 you see in the Hierarchy display so in full:
FailDisk Ch02

The areca-cli also provides a similar option e.g. disk fail drv=2 but this only works on new controllers and not older ones e.g. ARC-1220 (at least not with FW 1.49)

Note a rather confusing version of this information can be found on Areca’s FAQ

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June 18th, 2013 at 9:01 pm

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