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Making mysqldump v5.5 work with v5.6 servers

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Due to a bugs in mysqldump that ship with v5.5 & v5.6 neither are compatible with each others DB making backups across version impossible.

The first issue is that v5.5 mysqldump against a v5.6 server failes with: “Couldn't execute 'SET OPTION SQL_QUOTE_SHOW_CREATE=1'” the second is that v5.6 mysqldump against a v5.5 server fails with “Couldn't execute 'SELECT @@GTID_MODE': Unknown system variable 'GTID_MODE' (1193)

There is however a dirty hack which works around this. Starting with mysqldump from v5.5 edit the binary and search for the test “SET OPTION SQL_QUOTE_SHOW_CREATE” and replace each character in “OPTION” with a space, so you end up with: “SET        SQL_QUOTE_SHOW_CREATE

Written by Dilbert

April 9th, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Posted in MySQL